• IUCN Status
    Least concern
  • Population
    Unknown - but thought to be in the millions
  • Diet
    Herbivore - grasses, hay and vegetables
  • Group
  • Size
    up to 1.2m in length
  • Continent
  • Lifespan
    4 to 5 years
  • Weight
    up to 13.60kg
  • Habitat
    Usually domesticated, however, in the wild may be found in grassland and meadow regions
  • Scientific Name
    Oryctolagus funiculus domestic continental giant

Meet the Continental Giant Rabbit


The Continental Giant Rabbit is the largest breed of domesticated rabbit.  It was originally developed from the Flemish Giant in approximately 1893.

These rabbits are very social, curious and playful animals.  Their diet consists mainly of vegetables, grasses, some fruits and the branches and sticks from willow trees.

Continental giant rabbits are also known as German Giants and due to their size were often bred for meat and their fur.


Winnie, Bonnie & Toffee at Wolds Wildlife Park

Did you know?

Here are just some of the many things to know about these big Rabbits

How big can this breed of rabbit grow?up arrow

On average these giants grow up to 1.2m long and can weigh up to 13.60kg.

However, a continental giant rabbit called Darius that held the Guinness world record for the longest rabbit to ever exist.  He weighed just over 22.5kg and reached 1.29m in length.

How do continental giant rabbits differ from other breeds of giant rabbits?down arrow

Continental giant rabbits are known to have the largest heads, widest ears and the densest bone structure compared to the other giant breeds.

Can you train continental giant rabbits?down arrow

Yes - they can be trained very quickly, they are intelligent and pick up concepts easily.

Continental giant rabbits can be house trained to use a litter tray or go to the toilet outside, they can also be trained to walk on a lead.

Can you get different coloured continental giant rabbits?down arrow

Yes - the general colours of these rabbits are - black, yellow, chinchilla, dark or light steel, opal, chestnut and the rarest colour - agouti-in red.

Approximately in one year how much will these giants eat?down arrow

The rabbits will eat 2000 carrots and 700 apples in one year and will consume approximately one bale of hay per week.