• IUCN Status
    Critically Endangered
  • Population
  • Diet
  • Group
  • Size
    1.5 - 1.8m
  • Continent
  • Lifespan
    8 - 10 years in the wild
  • Weight
    110 - 225kg
  • Habitat
    Temperate Forests
  • Scientific Name
    Panthera tigris

Meet the Bengal Tiger


The Bengal tiger is native to the Indian subcontinent, where it has lived for at least 12,000 years, dating back to the Late Pleistocene. Today, it exists in the countries of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Bengal tigers largely prey on ungulates, including a wide variety of deer, antelopes, wild pigs, and wild bovids. There have been a few known instances of Bengal tigers taking down Indian rhinoceroses and Indian elephants, and they're also known to sometimes attack other predators, including sloth bears and leopards.



Bengal & Assam at Wolds Wildlife Park

Did you know?

Below are some facts that you may find interesting about these majestic creatures.

Bengal tigers have the longest canine teeth of any living catup arrow

Bengal Tigers have the longest canine teeth of any living cat and also rival the Siberian tiger for the title of largest cats on earth, both in terms of length and weight. Eyeteeth can measure up to 10cm long and  their robust mouths can exert a pressure of 450kg.

What adaptations do tigers have to hunt and live in the dark and shaded habitat?down arrow

A tiger's pupils have got reflective cells, so they can see in the dark, allowing them to hunt at night time

Bengal tigers have white spots on the back of their ears called flashes which cubs will follow in a dim light

How much meat does a tiger eat on average?down arrow

Bengal Tigers consume 18-40kg of meat at one time - a large deer can provide a tiger with one week's food, but only one out of every ten hunts is successful.

What noise do Tigers make?down arrow

Tigers can grunt, growl, roar, moan, snarl, chuff, hiss and gasp BUT they cannot purr

Are a tiger's stripes unique?down arrow

Tiger stipes are unique to each individual just like human finger prints

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