• IUCN Status
    Least Concern
  • Population
  • Diet
    Carnivore eating rabbits, pheasants, quail among other small birds and mammals
  • Group
  • Size
    Ranging in body length from 76-106 cm and standing 55–75 cm at the shoulder.
  • Continent
  • Lifespan
    Over 20 Years in Captivity
  • Weight
    Male 18-30 kg Female 8-21 kg
  • Habitat
  • Scientific Name
    Lynx lynx

Meet the Eurasian Lynx


The Eurasian Lynx is the largest of the four lynx species, ranging in body length from 76-106 cm and standing 55–75 cm at the shoulder. During the summer, the Eurasian lynx has a relatively short, reddish or brown coat, which is replaced by a much thicker silver-grey to greyish-brown coat during winter.

Largely feeding on small to fairly large sized mammals and birds.



Leo & Luna at Wolds Wildlife Park

Did you know?

Read on to find out some interesting facts about these beautiful cats.

What are the 4 different species of lynx?up arrow

The Eurasian Lynx, Canadian Lynx, Iberian Lynx and the Bobcat

Where Does The Eurasian lynx live and how widespread are they?down arrow

The Eurasian lynx is one of the most widely-distributed of all of the world’s wild cat species. The species’ large range stretches from Western Europe to the easternmost parts of Russia, and south to Central Asia and the Tibetan Plateau.

Although the lynx’s range is large, the subpopulations found in regions such as Western Europe and Central Asia tend to be isolated and small.


What adaptations do Eurasian lynx have to living in extreme cold climatesdown arrow

Their feet are webbed and very wide, acting as specialized snow shoes that distribute their weight effectively.  This allows them to hunt in deep snow.

Lynx also have extra thick fur on their bellies.

Their fur can also change colour with the season providing better camouflage whilst hunting, during the summer it is shorter brown-reddish, however, it turns more grey brown or silver grey during winter and gets thicker and longer.

Do lynx have good eyesight?down arrow


A lynx’s keen vision earns this cat legendary status in the myths of many cultures. In Greek, Norse, and North American myths, the lynx sees what others can’t, and its role is revealing hidden truths

How high can a lynx jumpdown arrow

Lynx can jump up to 2 metres in the air to strike at a game bird as it takes off from the ground.

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