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Our Christmas spectacular event! Saturday 18th to Thursday 23rd December

Tickets & Booking Unbeatable value, unrivalled experience

We’re proud to offer excellent ticket prices here at Wolds Wildlife Park, from our standard day passes to year passes and animal experience tickets. You can pay for your day pass on arrival or book your ticket online, but all animal experiences require pre-booking.

Day Passes Most Popular

Free entry for children 2 years old and under.

Ticket Price
Adults £9.50 Buy
Child (3-15 years) £6.50 Buy
2 Adult + 2 Children £28 Buy

Annual Passes Unlimited Entry

  Year Pass prices are for one year from your booked date.

Ticket Price
Adults £45 Buy
Children (3-15) £25 Buy
2 Adults + 2 Children £130 Buy
Senior Citizens £40 Buy


Amazing wildlife experiences

Ticket For One For Two
Bear Experience £150 £275 Buy
Big Cats Experience £175 £300 Buy
Camel Experience £50 £80 Buy
Carnivores Experience £275 £450 Buy
Lemur Experience £50 £80 Buy
Leopard Experience £100 £175 Buy
Lion Experience £100 £175 Buy
Lynx Experience £70 £120 Buy
Tapir Experience £50 £80 Buy
Tiger Experience £100 £175 Buy
Zebra Experience £50 £80 Buy

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