Our heated undercover walkway is the perfect way to observe the Tigers, Hyenas and Leopard.

With panoramic glass windows looking directly into the enclosures you are sure to get a close up view of the animals - perfect for budding photographers and professionals alike.

The enclosed walkway also has seating available for your picnics, a selection of sit on amusement rides for young children as well as all the key information about the animals you will see in front of you.

Explore our wildlife park!

See all the fun and exciting things you can do and see at the Wolds Wildlife Park on our PDF map!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we're most frequently asked about the Walkthrough area:

What is the walkthrough?up arrow

This is a unique viewing area with large reinforced glass windows offering an incredible up close and personal view of the tigers, hyenas and our Indian leopard

Can assistance dogs enter the walkthrough?down arrow

No.  Assistance dogs are not permitted to enter the walkthrough 

Can we have our lunch in the walkthrough?down arrow

Yes, you are very welcome to have your own picnic or food and drinks from our cafe.

Is it warm in the walkthrough during winter?down arrow

We have heaters installed