Our schools/collage packages offer an educational day out whilst having fun within the park. We offer key stage appropriate work sheets and a designated room for lunches.

Please enquire at info@woldswildlife.co.uk for all your requirements.


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School Trip Questions

For help with booking your group go to info@woldswildlife.co.uk

Are schools welcome?up arrow

Yes, we are extremely popular with schools welcoming all ages of students.

Is the park child friendly ?down arrow

As the park is a working zoo care must be taken at all times to ensure the safety of the children.

Can the children walk around the zoo unsupervised ?down arrow

No, all children must be supervised at all times.

Do you provide worksheets for the children?down arrow

Yes we have worksheets of all key stages that can be sent to the school before hand for printing.

Can you store school lunches?down arrow

Although we do not have room in our friges, we can put school bags and lunches in a suitable safe area for you.  

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