In honour of International Leopard Day

What's on at this event

In an ongoing attempt to increase awareness of the importance of this species, the 3rd May each year is International Leopard and is celebrated around the world in an attempt to increase the awareness of their status as well as the threats that leopard populations are faced with.

On Saturday 4th May, we shall be honouring the day with fundraising for Aruna, our beautiful Snow Leopard.


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What's on at this event?

The events taking place include:

💚 Anyone who donates £100 or more will get their name engraved onto a plaque on the new enclosure !

💚 Donations online towards a new enclosure -

💚 A donation box for the Snow Leopard Trust towards conservation

💚 A stall selling leopard toys!

💚 The zoo keeper Sam Fisher’s leopard talk!

💚 A leopard trail around the park and sweets prizes!!

💚 A raffle (see below) 👇

We are looking for prizes for our raffle please, our current prizes up for grabs include…

🐆 A snow leopard experience at Wolds Wildlife Park

🎢 A family day pass from Butlins Skegness

🌷 A hand tied bouquet of flowers from Interflora

🐈 A hamper from Eastcoast Microchipping and pet services

🏋️‍♂️ 1 month membership at Mayhem Gym (voucher included)

🛌 1 night stay in Honey Bee Cottage for 4 persons

Plus many, many more!

Lots to see and do!

💚 The zoo keeper Sam Fisher’s leopard talk!

💚 A trail around the park and sweets prizes!

💚 Leaping leopard challenge 

💚 Guess the name of the leopard toy 

💚  Fundraising Auction 

💚 Lots of wonderful raffle prizes on offer!

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