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Animal & Wildlife Education The perfect place for a learning experience

Animal & Wildlife Education

As well as being a fun day out for each and every guest, we want to educate our visitors about the animals we have here. Whether it’s from our custom-built exhibitions or one of our unbeatable animal experiences, you’ll find plenty of educational material to enrich your wildlife trip and leave you with knowledge that you didn’t possess before.

Our expert keepers and staff know all there is to know about our animals, and they’ll be on hand to answer questions and provide information whenever you need it – from a macaque’s favourite food to a lion’s sleeping habits. This kind of experience makes Wolds Wildlife Park a fantastic destination for a school trip or educational visit – whether it’s for young school children or older pupils looking for some more advanced learning. Kids can learn so much from one of our wildlife trips, and the looks of wonder on their faces is worth the visit in itself!

For more information about Wolds Wildlife Park, our wildlife tours or any of our educational offerings, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.


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