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About Us

About Us

Our two owners, Andrew and Tracy, started the wildlife park in 2013 – the first member of our family was Marty, a young female zebra. Marty’s arrival started a collection that has grown year after year, with many animals being rehomed from other collections.

The wildlife park became a reality in 2018, when Andrew and Tracy decided to open their home to the public for two days in July. The response was fantastic, and it inspired the continuation and expansion of the park, which is now home to a wide variety of animals including a leopard, tigers, lions, hyenas and bears. In December 2019, we obtained our full zoo licence – since we’ve been open to the public, many zoological professionals have been highly complimentary about the way we care for our animals, and obtaining our full zoo licence is a testament to the quality of our park.

In order to create the best possible home for our animals, we’ve built specially designed enclosures that best suit their needs. For our visitors, we take great care and pride in producing exhibits from sustainable materials – each exhibit is full of exciting, entertaining and educational features that really set us apart as a wildlife park. We love to see people of all ages come through our doors, and so do the animals!


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